How did that happen? Two minutes of open discussion of vaccine side effects on National TV

How did that happen? Two minutes of open discussion of vaccine side effects on National TV

What’s remarkable is that a conversation had by so many on the internet has finally made it, for a moment, onto television. No surprise it happened on a footy show. It certainly wasn’t going to happen on The 7:30 Report, Four Corners, or 60 minutes.

A star Australian football player had a “scary” incident with nausea, dizziness, and heart irregularities and missed a lot of the game this weekend. The hosts of the show casually asked if it was the booster shot — saying “that’s obviously the word going around.” Possibly they were relaxed about discussing it because one of the shows hosts even has Bells Palsy, and they had discussed it off camera with him. So they let down their guard:

“Exactly, heart issues and Bell’s palsy has gone through the roof since the boosters and Covid issues,” Lloyd said.”

“We had (sports journalist) Michelangelo Rucci on (3AW) on Friday night and he said that there’s a ward in Adelaide filled with people with similar symptoms to Ollie Wines – nausea, heart issues – so there has to be something more to it.”


John Ruddick

 They still rush to add they’re proudly triple jabbed because they live in fear of the medico-fascists.

A day later and the pushback has begun

News stories are appearing everywhere with Ollie Wines saying he’s now 100% fine, and “nothing to do with the vaccines”.

Wines spoke for the first time on Monday. “I’m 100 per cent back to normal, thanks to the Calvary staff the doctors and nurses there,” he said. “They really looked after me, and now I’m 100 per cent fine. There were a few little issues but they have been rectified now.” He said his heart issue is not related his Covid vaccination or vaccine complications, including myocarditis.

It’s more a heart rhythm issue that is pretty common in elderly people and elite athletes.

It’s only pericarditis, and he’s only 27 and spent the night in hospital. We hope it works out well.

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April 11, 2022 at 06:37PM

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