NZ helped scrub ‘plant-based’ diets from IPCC climate report

News Brief by Kip Hansen – 12 April 2022

According to Marc Daalder reports at  newsroom., a New Zealand based news website:

 “New Zealand diplomats helped remove references to the need for “plant-based” diets from the latest IPCC report’s influential summary”. 

“Coverage of the negotiations by the Earth Negotiations Bulletin – the only media outlet permitted to attend the event – makes clear that New Zealand argued against the use of the term “plant-based” in favour of “sustainable healthy diets” in at least two sections of the report’s summary.”

Daalder refers to this section of the approved SPM:

Summary for Policymakers IPCC AR6 WG III  C.9.1

“Demand-side and material substitution measures, such as shifting to balanced, sustainable healthy diets [See Footnote 62], reducing food loss and waste, and using bio-materials, can contribute 2.1 GtCO2-eq yr-1 reduction.”

FOOTNOTE 62: ‘Sustainable healthy diets’ promote all dimensions of individuals’ health and wellbeing; have low environmental pressure and impact; are accessible, affordable, safe and equitable; and are culturally acceptable, as described in FAO and WHO. The related concept of balanced diets refers to diets that feature plant-based foods, such as those based on coarse grains, legumes, fruits and  vegetables, nuts and seeds, and animal-sourced food produced in resilient, sustainable and low-GHG emission systems, as described in SRCCL.”

[SRCCL = Special Report Climate Change and Land (2019)]

The Kiwis did us a good turn with that.  A demand that the world must shift to “plant-based” diets is nothing more than another attempt of the UN and IPCC to force society to make changes that UN bureaucrats and the Davos crowd demand – not changes for themselves, but only changes to be forced on every other common man and woman

The most interesting thing about this report is that it shows how clearly the wording that appears in IPCC Summaries for Policy Makers are based on politics and not on any underlying science at all.  The brave Kiwis, supported by India and Kenya, forced the IPCC to stick to science and call for “balanced, sustainable healthy diets”, which except for the  vague but important quality of ‘balanced’ and the undefined amorphous quality ‘sustainable’, is at least firmly supported by medical science. 

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Author’s Comment:

Next time you meet a New Zealander, a Kiwi, shake his hand and thank him . . .

Maybe they have delayed the nutty demand that  “everyone must be vegan” nonsense from the IPCC.

Thanks for reading.

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April 13, 2022 at 08:08AM

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