Trudeau invents license for “journalists” so readers can spot Fake News (everyone with a license)

Big Government is supposed to fear the free press who criticize it — When the press fear the government, it follows the press prints Fake News. It’s just an arm of Big Government. 

Justin Trudeau has invented a Social Credit system for journalists. What could possibly go wrong — Apart from death. corruption and wasted money.  It explains a lot — like why virtually none of the news media in Canada covered the Truckers Rally, the problems with vaccines, or discontent among the unacceptable working class people. Apart from Rebel News, the other media outlets were afraid of losing their QCJO, or their subsidies, their income tax breaks, and their right to get into government events.

It’s the oldest trick in the Dictators playbook — make the critics get a license. It’s as bad as it sounds. An anonymous panel sits in secret and assesses something called the Qualified Canadian Journalism Organisational Licence or a QCJO. Not surprisingly Rebel News did not get a license. The invisible bureaucrats claimed that only 1% of Rebel News is “news”  and therefore it doesn’t qualify. Which means Rebel News are banned from government events,  and punished and downranked on social media (even more than they already are), and their subscribers can no longer claim their subscription costs as a tax deduction. In return Rebel News are suing Justin Trudeau.

Ask yourself if the invisible bureaucrats will get bigger or small paypackets if Canadians vote for Bigger-leftier-governments? Which kind of “journalists” will make the bureaucrats richer?

Rebel Commander, Ezra Levant, points out 99% percent of Canadian Media outlets are dependent on Big Canadian government. 1,500 news media companies in Canada took $61 million in funds from the Canadian Government and none of them reported it. 


Thanks to Eric Worrall at WUWT who points out that last year the Biden administration introduced tax breaks for “local media” which are worth as much as $25,000 per journalist.

Biden’s tax breaks for local media an effort to turn them into ‘versions of leftist NPR or PBS,’ critic says

Published November 15

The tax break would allow eligible local media organizations, including newspapers, digital news websites and television stations to receive a tax credit of $25,000 per journalist they employ, and $15,000 for the following four years. The tax break can be claimed for up to 1,500 journalists.

He who is owned by Big Government is unlikely to be too critical of it.


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via JoNova

April 19, 2022 at 11:41AM

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