Vallance Cycles To The Rescue!

By Paul Homewood



h/t Ian Magness



A scientist who became well-known as the face of the government’s coronavirus response has advised that people should eat less meat and travel less to preserve the globe from the claimed climate disaster.

Sir Patrick Vallance, who spoke before a House of Lords committee on Tuesday, said that, in light of climate change, he has changed his diet and chosen to travel less, and advised that the public do the same. “I’m eating less meat, I cycle to work and I fly less than I used to,” the government’s top science advisor said according to The Telegraph. “I haven’t said I stopped flying or I don’t eat meat – I do. I think it’s about reduction and appropriate reduction across society.”

Vallance, who rose to national prominence as one of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s top advisors during the Chinese coronavirus crisis, went on to say that the government’s Net Zero agenda, which aims to radically transform the British economy by 2050 to reduce carbon emissions almost entirely — “net zero” — is causing too much fear.

“It’s important that the messaging [on climate change] isn’t designed to cause fear or upset,” Sir Patrick said, adding: “It should be about making sure people understand what the situation is.

“We should not aim to frighten people because that’s not helpful, but we should aim to enable people to understand what actions they can take,” he continued, noting that it is “unarguable” that the net-zero agenda will force people to change their habits and lifestyle.


Since when was it the Government’s Chief Scientific Advisor’s job to discuss political policy matters?

And instead of virtue signalling, shouldn’t he give the public the actual facts? For instance, that if UK eliminates all emissions, it will have a zero effect on the world’s climate?

Or that UK emissions from meat production and aviation are so tiny that Asia emits more in a single day.

To pretend that a few “lifestyle” changes such as this are going to save us all from climate oblivion is utterly dishonest.


April 29, 2022 at 03:57AM

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