X-Class Solar Flare

From spaceweather.com

The sun produced another X-class solar flare today. Even though the responsible sunspot was located behind the edge of the sun, enough radiation reached our planet to cause a strong shortwave radio blackout.

X-CLASS SOLAR FLARE: So long, and thanks for the X-flares. Departing sunspot AR2994 unleashed another X1-class solar flare today, April 30th @ 1347UT, as it exited the Earthside of the sun. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded a spectacular plume of debris flying up and over the sun’s northwestern limb:

Even with the sunspot completely hidden behind the edge of the sun, the explosion still produced enough radiation for a strong shortwave radio blackout over the mid-Atlantic Ocean and much of Europe: map. Signals below 30 MHz were attentuated for nearly an hour.

Full article at spaceweather.com

via Watts Up With That?


April 30, 2022 at 04:06PM

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