I stumbled across this: The Regenerators – Lessons age 7 to 11 – BBC Bitesize while browsing the BBC website. It looks like one-sided brain-washing to me. On the bright side I can’t see the majority of seven to eleven year old’s finding this material all that interesting.

As for the video on ‘Talking about climate change’ with Adam – all I can say is, he would not convince anyone who could think for themselves! 

Five to seven year old’s are supposed to understand this: Why is our climate changing? – KS1 – BBC Bitesize – The Regenerators – BBC Bitesize It seems to me that they have completely lost the plot with this simplified nonsense. Notice they state that the ‘planet’ has warmed by 1 degree C, whereas it is only the atmosphere near the surface. Of course no 5 to 7 year old would question this. 

via climate science

May 4, 2022 at 02:12AM

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