International Socialists Accuse Greta Thunberg of Supporting the Establishment

Essay by Eric Worrall

Evidence is emerging of fractures in the remnant of the climate school strike movement Greta Thunberg once led.

The fight for a future free of climate change and war is the fight for world socialism!

International Youth and Students for Social Equality (Australia)
5 May 2022

This week and next, students and youth around Australia are participating in protests opposing government inaction on climate change and the degradation of the environment.

But we warn that the organisers of the events, School Strike 4 Climate (SS4C), are seeking to derail mass opposition and funnel it back behind the very political parties responsible for the environmental crisis. Any suggestion that the upcoming federal election on May 21 will help to resolve climate change, or any other substantive issue facing youth and workers, is a complete lie.

Actions planned this month by the SS4C are deliberately narrow in focus. In the past, rallies—which were attended by hundreds of thousands nationally—were part of global climate strikes involving millions of youth. This time, events planned are small and isolated as a deliberate attempt to smother increasingly radicalised young people.

Many of the SS4C events are specifically advertised as “election climate strikes” with regional centres and cities not even organising events. A number of the actions are not even strikes.

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Greta Thunberg is barely newsworthy these days, but I hope some of you find the final collapse of her movement interesting.

The International Socialists are a bit of a remnant themselves. I doubt the International Socialists could muster more than a hundred or so mostly ageing “students” to a rally, at least in Australia. The day of their brand of anarchic socialism is pretty much done, angry young people have flocked to more interesting brands like Antifa or Extinction Rebellion.

And the idea of a Greta school strike outside major cities and a few big regional centres is laughable. Left wing support for higher fuel prices in the name of climate action does not play well in most of rural Australia. Our vast distances make the push for electrified transport and high gasoline prices a painful experience for most of rural people.

Maybe at the height of Greta’s movement, before fuel prices rose, before she turned 18, she could have mustered a few followers in rural Australia.

What I find interesting about this statement by the International Socialists is confirmation that Greta’s brand, her once impressive global climate school strike movement, seems to have fallen so far that her fellow travellers have no hesitation trying to put her down to make themselves look better. Not that it will do the socialists any good.

In two weeks Australians vote in a federal election. Greta Thunberg and her school strike movement have pretty much disappeared from the news in Australia, along with the fake climate crisis. A few inner city conservatives are panicking over a challenge from people who claim to be green independents, but few people outside the inner city latte set care about the “crisis of our time”.

There is an immense cloud of apathy hanging over the upcoming Aussie Federal election, none of the mainstream candidates are inspiring. Cost of living is a big concern, but nobody seems to be offering convincing solutions. The election is shaping up to a choice between the incumbent, who promises more of the same, and the challenger, whose lack of preparation and inability to remember anything about the economy he will be expected to manage has become a key election issue. The parts of the Aussie federal election campaign I have bothered to watch rarely mention climate change.

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May 7, 2022 at 08:10PM

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