How UK’s wind and solar expansion could lead to wasted electricity

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By lurching from feast to famine and back, surplus to deficit — depending on weather, time of day and variations in demand. Cue calls for yet more expense to fix this entirely predictable but looming problem.
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The huge growth of the UK’s solar and wind could lead to an excess amount of electricity by 2030, says Energy Live News.

That’s according to a new study that suggests a huge amount of energy could go to waste if this expansion of renewable energy sources is not paired with a similar rise in the installation of energy storage technologies.

Consultancy LCP justified its forecast on the basis that Britain’s grid operates on a supply and demand process.

That means if more energy is produced than there is demand for, huge surpluses could be wasted in 2030.

The authors of the report estimate this oversupply could take place for 53% of the year by 2030.

This possible impact could have implications for both solar and wind projects as unlike coal and nuclear, their energy production cannot be increased on command to meet demand.

In its Energy Security Strategy, the government targetted 95% low carbon electricity by the end of the decade.

Full article here.

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May 11, 2022 at 04:36PM

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