BBC Blame Global Warming For India’s (Not Unusual) Heatwave

By Paul Homewood



The BBC’s Climate Check this month homes in on the Indian heatwave:





As usual, there are the weasel words, “Scientists believe climate change is making heatwaves worse”.

Ben Rich tells us that the heatwave started early this year in the Delhi region, with supposedly the hottest April in Central and NW India, and makes big play of that so-called Delhi record temperature this week, which we now know is fake.

He also mentions this Met Office study:



So let’s start by looking at Spring temperatures in Delhi, at Safjardun, which is classified by the Indian Met Dept as it “Base Station” in Delhi, ie their most reliable, high quality, long running site.



We obviously don’t know how this year will turn out, but March/April are already over a degree down on 2010. It seems extremely unlikely that May 2022 will be hotter than May 2010 either, certainly not by enough to beat the 2010 spring numbers.

But regardless of this year, the long term spring temperatures at Delhi clearly don’t support the Met Office’s claim that climate change made the 2010 heatwave more likely. That year was clearly an outlier, and otherwise there is no trend at all to Springs becoming hotter. Probably the opposite in fact; the run of hot springs in 1938, 1941, 1942, 1943 and 1953 have not been repeated since.

What we do know about this year is that April’s temperatures in Delhi were only the fifth highest since 1931, behind 2010, 1941, 1948 and 1952. It also ties with April 1973, so it is in no way exceptional, or part of any trend.


And that “record” in Delhi?





As we know, the temperature at Safdarjun peaked at 45.6C this week, well below the record of 47.2C set in 1944. Temperatures of 45C and over are not uncommon there. In 1944, for instance, there were five such days, and the following year there were eight. In the last thirty years, there have been 48 days.

According to Weather Underground, that temperature of 45.6C on Sunday is the only one so far to top 45C (113F):


In other words, the BBC is making a big play of what is just the sort of regular heatwave in India that comes along every few years.

A lot of the BBC’s climate propaganda is designed to take advantage of the public’s lack of knowledge. To most people, understandably, temperatures of 114F must seem unnatural, something they simply cannot comprehend. They are only too ready to believe the lie that global warming is responsible.


May 18, 2022 at 12:32PM

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