Are Mid-20C Temperatures In May Unusual

By Paul Homewood


What an utterly absurd question!





Temperatures in the mid 20s in the South East may be common in May, but probably not in Cromarty. Trying to compare data from different stations is like comparing chalk and cheese.

Despite the desperate attempt by the Met Office to invoke climate change, little has really changed in terms of hot May days over the years, for instance in Oxford:


Maximum May Daily Temperatures by Year

The hottest days in May there were in 1944 and 1947, when temperatures peaked at 30.6C.

As we seem to see throughout the year, temperatures are not really rising at the top end, but at the bottom end instead.

Some years in the past were so cold in May that temperatures did not get above 19C throughout the month. In the last couple of decades, this sort of prolonged cool weather has been rare. Indeed the data shows that the range of temperatures, from cold to hot, is now much less extreme.

We can see this better by looking at the lowest daily temperatures in May. These quite clearly show a steady rise:



The Met Office would like you to think this is a climate catastrophe, and that we are all going to burn up.

Most people would think this is very benign.

As noted, May 1944 saw the record hottest day in Oxford, and indeed the UK as a whole:


Notably however, May 1944 as a whole was close to average temperatures, with two extremely cold spells and heavy frost. Temperatures dropped to just 22F in England, an astonishingly low figure by any account.

This was extreme weather in anybody’s books. And you will no doubt recall that just a week after that heatwave, the weather became extremely stormy as D Day came and went:





May 21, 2022 at 05:49AM

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