Just how crazy are these people?

Guest Opinion by Kip Hansen —  27 May 2022

It didn’t take much of a push, but the Climate Crazies have finally gone over the edge.  The ever-more-alarming climate bad-news cabal of journalists and media outlets have slipped off the playing field into a land far far away from the pressing realities of the real world.

I received this email alert today:

What blockbuster expose are they going to be discussing in their semi-secret cabal meeting on Twitter Spaces?

Revealed: the ‘carbon bombs’ set to trigger catastrophic climate breakdown

“Exclusive: Oil and gas majors are planning scores of vast projects that threaten to shatter the 1.5C climate goal. If governments do not act, these firms will continue to cash in as the world burns

by Damian Carrington and Matthew Taylor”

This shocking expose was published two weeks ago in The Guardian on May 11, 2022.  It is one of the most outrageous propaganda pieces I have ever read. Apparently, it was mostly ignored worldwide, getting only a tiny bit of mention in the like-minded alarmist press.   It failed to get even a mention on WUWT or other climate skeptic sites. 

So, Covering Climate Now  to the rescue!  This Columbia University-based climate-propaganda-pushing media group is a collaborative of media outlets, headed, as you may know, by The Guardian. 

I am listening to the Twitter Spaces conversation, which consists of the authors of The Guardian piece talking about how shocked they were to find that oil and gas industry leaders are actually still seeking new sources of oil and gas.  Joining in are propagandists from Covering Climate Now.  They are discussing how to bring governmental, legal and civil forces to bear in an effort to stop this expansion of oil and gas recovery.

Their main point so far is:  How can we, civil society, stop them?  Why are governments letting this happen?   How can we get a million people in the streets to protest?

They talk about how American gasoline prices are not subject to the laws of supply-and-demand – but are caused by rapacious oil industry actors.  They pooh-pooh the idea that the Russo-Ukraine War gas and oil shock and the embargo on Russian oil had anything to do with the rise of gasoline prices in the U.S. and that, of course, that Biden’s war on oil has nothing whatever to do with gasoline prices either. 

The CCNow propagandists cheer on the absolutely nutty notion from the UN Secretary-General António Guterres who said, at Seton Hall,  that “the graduates …. needed to be the generation that addresses the “planetary emergency of climate change.” And “Investing in fossil fuels is now ‘a dead end – economically and environmentally’. No amount of greenwashing or spin can change that. So, we must put them on notice: Accountability is coming for those who liquidate our future.’” ….  “So my message to you is simple: don’t work for climate-wreckers. Use your talents to drive us towards a renewable future.“

In the entire discussion at Twitter Spaces about fossil fuels and gas/oil production, not one single word was mentioned that indicated any awareness of what oil and gas are used for in today’s world or what the world would look like if we stopped oil and gas production tomorrow.  The reality that nearly all the products and conveniences, including homes, clothing, food, water, transportation, concrete, plastics, electricity, highways, railroads, hospitals, airplanes journalists’ laptops and even newspapers and news media outlets, would cease to function or exist, if oil and gas production were to stop. 

Yet, despite this obvious and undeniable fact, these cultist journalists happily skip to their computers to write stories meant to scare the general population into opposing all oil and gas production.

Europe is going to discover this coming winter what it means to live without Russian oil and natural gas. 

Towards the end of the “conversation”, the CCNow spokesperson said (paraphrased):  We encourage Climate Propaganda outlets, the over-500 of them,   to focus this coming week on the Food and Water Crisis  caused by Climate Change”.   CCNow, naturally, will supply stories for them to use, share or re-write allowing a widespread media cluster-bomb of mostly-false and misleading oh-so-alarming stories concerning the food and water crisis .  I bet these stories don’t feature:  “Too much food?”  “Record crop production?” 

CCNow supplies suggestions on the stories to write and references to use here.  And those reference?  All but one from the UN FAO. 

And thus goes the war against sanity and reality – stay tuned for a flood of media nonsense next week.

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Author’s Comment:

It is not that there are not places in the world that lack adequate food (mostly for political reasons) or places that suffer from lack of potable water (mostly for political reasons).  It is rather that none of these problems is caused by climate change.  Some are caused by “climate + too many people” – too many people living in an area with a not-human-friendly climate – think the Horn of Africa or the Sahel.

That these media outlets are conspiring to produce the appearance of a Climate Crisis is not in doubt. The people involved are, for the most part, True Believers in the Climate Crisis Cult.  They worship the IPCC and people like António Guterres. 

They are not disinterested journalists doing their best to inform the public of all aspects and all sides of the climate controversy, without bias or personal agendas.  They are not dedicated to telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  The truth about climate and fossil fuels is their enemy.   They actively suppress the truth. 

Thanks for reading.

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May 26, 2022 at 08:54PM

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