No Trends in Hot Days In May, Despite Met Office Misinformation


By Paul Homewood

 I posted on this a couple of weeks ago here.

Now we have the full numbers for this May, we can take a closer look at CET trends.

ECA&D has data up to 2020, but there have been no days of 25C or more, either this May or May last year. The top temperatures were 22.8C and 21.8C respectively.

There is clearly no upward trend in “Summer Days”, the 90th percentile or maximum daily temperatures:

Any attempt by the Met Office to persuade the public otherwise is reprehensible.


I noticed on checking that the current CET data did not tally with the above – 1947, for instance, only showed three days of 25C+, as opposed to four on ECA&Ds.

On reconciling the two, I see that all of the CET daily numbers are now moved back a day. So, the four days of ECA&Ds which recorded 25C were the 28th through 31st May. The official CET data now lists the same temperatures on 29th May through 1St June.

No doubt there is a sensible reason for this!

via Watts Up With That?

June 3, 2022 at 04:36AM

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