Climate madness: British startup releases masks for cows

By Paul Homewood



No, it’s not April Fool’s Say! (Though there is one in the picture):




Prince Charles as backed a mask device for cows that would capture their burps to tackle carbon emissions.

The device is worn around the animal’s face and is designed to neutralise the methane they omit in real time.

He met with the contraption’s designer during a climate change event, during which he aired concerns over the ‘urgency’ with which it is being tackled.

Charles spoke with designers at a Royal College of Art event working on novel ways to bring down carbon emissions.

Francisco Norris, founder of Zelp (Zero Emission Livestock Project) said it was a ‘great honour’ to speak with the prince, four years after first showing him his striking invention.

The cattle industry is a major contributor to the planet’s carbon footprint, with natural omissions from cows putting huge quantities of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere every day.

Charles was assured the face device ‘doesn’t bother them at all’ when he asked if it was ‘annoying’ for the cow wearing it.


It is telling that an online new site, Free West Media, has a much more in depth analysis than the tired old Metro version:


The 100-gram rubber masks with solar-powered fans are designed to direct the animals’ exhalations into a small chamber and then use chemical processes to convert methane into carbon dioxide, Agrarheute explained. But first farmers have to be convinced to actually use the masks.

One obstacle could be the rather high price: The use costs 45 dollars per cow and year, the equivalent of 41 euros. In addition, the masks would not bring any advantage for the farmer from an economic point of view.

In the comments below the article, readers legitimately wondered whether this message was some kind of joke. Agrarheute immediately confirmed that this was unfortunately not the case.

One reader commented: “Madness or stupidity? Every thinking person understands what nonsense the story about cow’s methane is. A cow is not a perpetual motion machine and it does not create energy out of thin air. The cow lives in the earth’s natural carbon cycle and is not ‘climate-damaging’ (if such a thing exists). Even the climate heroes at Climate Facts know that, although some people don’t like it. They are just producing a lot of garbage, trying to get more money out of the farmers’ pockets, end of the story.”

The three main greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide, all impact the environment differently. Methane is known as a “flow gas”, removed from the atmosphere at a rapid pace. Methane’s lifespan in the atmosphere is approximately 10 years, but flow gases will stay stagnant as they are destroyed at the same rate of emission.

Thus the initial method for calculating greenhouse emissions misrepresents the impact of short-lived flow gases, like methane, on future warming.


I wonder whether the poor cows will have to wear a mask at the other end as well!


It all sounds like animal cruelty to me.


June 5, 2022 at 04:03AM

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