New Analysis Of USCRN Data Suggests US Surface Temperature Has Cooled 1.26° C Since 2007!

Data analyst Zoe Phin here looks at what the data from the USCRN? has been indicating in terms of a temperature trend over the past 15 years. The USCRN is a network of stations deployed across the continental U.S.

USCRN data are here.

Here’s the air temperature trend at USCRN stations over the last 15 years? (4/2007 – 4/2022), Zoe has found:

In total there’s been ~0.42 °C of averaged cooling across all the 98 stations that have consistent data going back to April, 2007. You can see the breakdown of the stations at Zoe’s site

Some points:

  • Alaska stations show some warming
  • New England has been cooling
  • The upper Midwest and Great Plains are cooling as well

In fact: “Only 23 out of 98, that is, ~23.5% show a warming trend,” Zoe finds.

Surface temperature tumbles

The results are even cooler when it comes surface temperature measured at the 92 sites with persistent IR surface data:

Here, Zoe computed a total 15-year average cooling of about 1.26 °C going back to April, 2007. Breakdown at her site.

“Only 11 out of 92, that is, ~12% show a warming trend,” she finds. Now this is important: I’m not saying that the US has cooled over the last 15 years. All I’m saying is that the newest and best stations suggest this. You decide the significance of this.”

See more at Zoe’s Insights.

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June 8, 2022 at 11:54AM

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