Dirty cost of keeping the Government’s net zero strategy alive revealed

By Paul Homewood


h/t Ian Magness

Doubling down on insanity:



The Government’s plan to reach net zero relies on burning the equivalent of the New Forest every five months, The Telegraph can reveal.

Ministers plan to use technology to remove carbon from the atmosphere in order to compensate for sectors such as aviation, agriculture and heavy industry, and meet their 2050 climate targets.

The proposals rely largely on capturing the smoke from power plants, which burn wood to create electricity, and piping it under the North Sea using a system known as bioenergy with carbon capture and storage (Beccs).

Because these biomass plants are considered to be carbon neutral, largely because the trees they burn will be replanted, any of the emissions that are captured and stored are counted as negative.

To create enough emissions so that the removal can balance the books and reach net zero, the power plants will need to burn the equivalent of 120 million trees a year, an analysis of government modelling by The Telegraph has found.

It came just days after the food strategy promised to use huge swathes of the countryside to grow crops, with scientists warning that there is not enough land to deliver on all the competing pledges.

‘A castle built on sand’

Concerns were raised over how the technology will work at scale and whether burning wood for electricity is a genuine renewable energy source.

The European Academies’ Science Advisory Council (Easac), the association of national academies across Europe including the Royal Society, has called on policymakers to “suspend expectations” that they can use Beccs to reach net zero.

Its analysis found “that there are substantial risks of it failing to achieve net removals at all” or that the removals will not happen quickly enough to meet climate targets.

Dr Michael Norton, the environment programme director at Easac, told The Telegraph that belief in Beccs is based on “flawed assumptions”, adding: “Our conclusion is that it is a bit of a castle built on sand.”

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (Beis) said that the plans are not final, and it is looking at other waste products that can be used as biomass and other carbon capture technologies



While governments are being urged to plant more trees, the idiots at BEIS want to burn yet more, and then capture the carbon dioxide with technology that does not even exist yet.

Meanwhile the environment will be destroyed in pursuit of a meaningless agenda.



June 17, 2022 at 08:28AM

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