Count the ways lies of the left helped Albo’s Labor win the election

Not in any order – hoping readers can add more examples.
A – China gamed our election through midget Solomons hostility to ScoMo Gov and Labor benefited from this beating it up as “ScoMo Gov lost the Solomons” but now they claim to be more alert to China threat.
China games the 2022 Australian Federal Election
B – Dutton was labelled a warmonger for informing us about presence of Chinese spy-ship off Exmouth US/Oz strategic radio base – but now Albo paints himself to NATO as tough on China.
C – Labors December 2021 Powering Australia plan is totally crashed & burnt by 2022 AEMO wholesale electricity price rises of multi-hundreds or percent across the NEM. PA is just a leftist fairy story now but it promised reductions in power bills helping Labor win election.
D – Labor attacked ScoMo Gov for not “going further tackling Climate Change” at Glasgow COP26 but now Germany, Austria, UK, Japan are all exposed as backtracking from Glasgow BS statements and increasing coal and gas fired electricity generation to keep their electricity grids alive. So once again Labor positions during election campaign shown now to be untenable – helped bad-mouth ScoMo Gov and helped Albo win the election.
E – The issue of the AEC allowing the Climate 200 TEALS to be classed as Independents instead of making them be classed as the “Climate 200 Party” was a contributor to the ScoMo Gov loss. IMHO there are various other ways the AEC revealed it is left leaning.
Adding up all these examples – was the election stolen by anti-ScoMo Gov Labor lies assisted & promulgated by the dominant GreenLeft media?

via Errors in IPCC climate science

June 29, 2022 at 11:32PM

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