German Energy Crisis: Economics Minister Tells Citizens To Shower Less, Colder…”Gas Bills To Triple”!

Germany’s Energiewende is unraveling faster than anyone could have expected 

Economics Minister Robert Habeck (Greens) says he is now taking less showers and advises citizens to do the same – in order to fight Putin (and of course because there’s an extreme shortage of gas and no one knows how the country will be kept warm this coming winter)!

Energy is running out in Germany

With the current energy price explosion and acute supply shortages, German politicians are not lacking when it comes to silly ideas. In an interview with Spiegel, German economics minister urged citizens to save energy, and gave unusual tips from his own everyday life. “I take a quick shower,” the Green politician told Spiegel. He said he had never been under the shower for long. “But I have shortened my shower time once again.”

The real reason: Germany’s energy policy debacle

As Germany’s “Energiewende” falters, and energy shortages loom, in part because the country has failed to fill its natural storage facilities and is decommissioning all its coal and nuclear power plants, Minister Habeck had to activate the alert level 2 from the emergency plan gas. “Gas is a scarce commodity,” he told Spiegel.

“Gas bills to triple”

Gas prices, already painfully high, will certainly rise further. “There will be further increases,” Habeck said.

“According to the Federal Network Agency, consumers can expect their gas bills to triple. The Ministry of Economics already issued tips for saving gas in the summer,” reports the German

“Reluctant to be in air-conditioned rooms”

Not only is Habeck reducing his shower time, “he also avoids air conditioning and excessive heating,” the Kreiszeitung adds. “In summer, I am very reluctant to be in air-conditioned rooms, and in winter I heat sparingly,” Habeck explained.

But Habeck forgets tomention: “He is on the road from morning to night in his top job, which is why the low heating of the apartment is not difficult. And even if it did, rising costs would not weigh heavily on him,” writes the Kreiszeitung.  “As a minister, I have a salary that others can only dream of,” he admitted.

TheMinister position also comes with unlimited air travel, chauffeured government car and lots of other amenities that isolate top officials from the hassles everyone else needs to contend with.

The German government is now advising citizens to install  “energy-saving shower heads”, which could save a household 446 euros a year, cut shower time by two minutes and the temperature to 36 degrees to save another 250 euros annually.

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June 29, 2022 at 12:22PM

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