Major loss for Renewables Industry: EU declares nuclear and gas are “Green” too

Why is nuclear power Green today when it wasn’t yesterday?  Because it was never about the science.

Nuclear power has been the NetZeroiest energy on Earth since the sun formed from collapsing interstellar gas. Nuclear plants don’t produce any CO2 at all, but that wasn’t good enough because it was never about CO2 either. It was always about power and money and profits for friends.

And the best friend of a bureaucrat is a captive-dependent-industry, one that survives on handouts. Those in need of Big Government largess always lobby for Big Government, donate to Big Government causes and cheer on everything Big Government wants them to cheer on, even if it’s a naked man in high heels.

Yesterday gas was a fossil fuel, but today it’s a sustainable one:

Wall Street Journal

Lawmakers in the European Union voted to include nuclear power and natural gas in the bloc’s list of investments deemed sustainable, a move it hopes will trigger more funding of those sectors but that critics said would slow down the EU’s shift to greener energy sources.

Just like that — sensible flexibility pops out of the cake:

The Guardian:

Under the plans, gas can be classed as a sustainable investment if “the same energy capacity cannot be generated with renewable sources” and plans are in place to switch to renewables or “low-carbon gases”. Nuclear power can be called green if a project promises to deal with radioactive waste.

Greens are furious, not realizing that it was their work that made the EU an energy basket-case pouring money into Russia:

Campaigners are now vowing legal action. WWF said that with its fellow NGO Client Earth it would “explore all potential avenues for further action to stop this greenwashing and protect the credibility of the whole EU taxonomy”.

Two anti-nuclear states, Austria and Luxembourg, have already announced they will take the commission to the European court of justice.

The Washington Post sees the light that renewables can’t make it without help, but credits The War for their awakening and forgets that Donald Trump and a million skeptics were right all along. Excuses, excuses…

The war in Ukraine added new complexities to the debate. The war has made Europe rethink its reliance on Russia, particularly when it comes to fossil fuels, and has amplified calls for an accelerated energy transition.

And they amplified what exactly an energy transition to gas and nukes?)

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via JoNova

July 6, 2022 at 01:50PM

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