Bad citizen China hid and spread four pandemics

We wonder is the West so addicted to cheap, slave made goods they will accept deceit, bad practice, and bioweapons?

Then we look at the UN and we know the answer is “Yes”. And we don’t even need the t-shirts.

Steven Mosher, New York Post


The Chinese Communist Party has a long history of covering up epidemics within China, and then carelessly — or deliberately — allowing them to spread around the world.

The fall of 1957 saw an outbreak of what came to be known as the Asian flu. It was first reported in the cities of Singapore and Hong Kong, but this new and deadly influenza soon went global.

…even as tens of thousands of Chinese lay dying, the epidemic was kept hidden from view by the Communist authorities.

When infected travelers from China later carried it to Hong Kong and Singapore, the World Health Organization and other public health authorities were caught flatfooted. Thanks to Beijing’s perfidy, quarantines and vaccines came too late. Before the Asian flu had run its two-year course, it had killed well over a million people.

The same scenario played out again 10 years later. In 1968, an unknown influenza had quickly spread throughout the world. It came to be known as the Hong Kong flu, infuriating that city’s Chamber of Commerce, the members of which knew quite well that an epidemic was raging in Mainland China just across the border. Once again, the Communist authorities had refused to alert the world, and another million people died.

SARS-1 was the prequel:

But the Communist regime lied about the disease for months, silenced whistleblowers, doctored data, duped global health authorities, and even accused “outside forces” of carrying out a “bioterrorist” attack.

They did not inform the WHO about the outbreak until February 2003, three months later, and only after Canadian intelligence had already detected and publicly reported on a “flu outbreak” in progress in China.

Like the Spanish flu, SARS could easily have killed tens of millions worldwide had the Canadians not forced Beijing to reveal its existence before it had spread outside of its borders. Its containment was aided by the fact that, while it was highly infectious, it was not airborne. As a result of its early detection and relatively low transmissibility, by the time the SARS epidemic ended in June of 2003, there had been a total of only 8,469 cases reported.

But the lethality of SARS impressed China’s bioweapons experts, and they began discussing how to genetically engineer a SARS-like coronavirus that could easily be transmitted from person to person. The kind where a single sneeze can infect an entire roomful of people.

Ten years ago China said it was worried about race based genetic bioweapons — Who, exactly, was thinking of a biotech cold war? In 2015 Chinese Military Scientists ominously said the Third World War would be fought with biological weapons.  Meanwhile the Chinese military were involved in the Wuhan viral research projects, and they still have another 1,640 new viruses to play with. US Defence also sent money to the Wuhan lab to counter “Weapons of Mass Destruction” and apparently helped create one.  CSIRO, and Australian Unis had worked with the Wuhan Lab too (and they forgot to mention it for 18 months?)

China lied about the bats in the lab, and then the WHO helped cover it up. Even if there are bad US players using China for their own purposes, the CCP have guilty written all over SARS-2. On January 1st 2020 the Hubei Health committee ordered all existing virus samples at the Wuhan labs be destroyed.  The CCP banned doctors from spreading “rumors” of pneumonia. And domestic travel was banned while the CCP sent Wu-flu to the rest of the world.

Meanwhile in related news in the last three years, the Biden family gained $31m in deals with high level CCP operatives. There’s a shadow war in space “every day”. And Net Zero remains a security threat, yet the West claps along. See: One of 36 Stratagems to defeat the enemy

When is enough, enough?

Steven W. Mosher is the President of the Population Research Institute. This New York Post piece was adapted from his new book, “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Pandemics” (Regnery), published on July 26.

Scott Johnson of Powerline explains how long  Steven Mosher has been in this battle and how big a price he has paid:

Readers may recall his (horrifying) field research on China’s one-child policy for his book Broken Earth (1984). He was condemned by the Chinese government and expelled from his Ph.D. program at Stanford in 1983 just short of achieving his doctorate. The Washington Post covered the story here and here.

PS: The China expert Steven Mosher is not the climate commentator some people may know from other debates. Two different men.

Image: ScientificAnimations

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