BBC Climate Check for June

By Paul Homewood


The latest BBC Climate Check fraud:





She starts by claiming that we have just had the third warmest June on record, even though none of the recognised global datasets, such as NOAA, GISS or HADCRUT, have yet been published for last month.

But according to the satellite datasets, which provide the most reliable and comprehensive measurement of global temperatures, it was only the 13th warmest June since 1980, and only 0.06C above the long term average:


Over all months, satellites show that that this year’s temperatures are not unusually high:


In true Pravda style, Sarah then goes on to highlight a small  handful of areas which experienced heatwaves last month – Japan, Death Valley, Slovenia, Croatia and parts of Italy and France.

For some reason, she does not mention all of the parts of the world that had below average temperatures!




She finishes by discussing computer models, which say temperatures in England could hit 40C in the next week:


She does go on to admit that these models are run thousands of times to simulate expected weather conditions, and often come up with ostensibly absurd and extreme numbers as this one.

In which case, why mention it at all, unless the object is to scare viewers?


July 12, 2022 at 05:35AM

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