Aussie PM Faces Defeat on First Major Climate Bill

Essay by Eric Worrall

Still no ban on coal; The Green Party has vowed to oppose a weak “symbolic” climate bill which provides no roadmap for how the proposed emission cuts are to be achieved.

Greens slam Labor climate bill as government digs on 43 per cent ‘mandate’

By James Massola and Mike Foley
Updated July 14, 2022 — 7.06pmfirst published at 12.06pm

Labor’s signature climate change bill to slash emissions by 43 per cent is facing defeat in the Senate after the Greens delivered a scathing assessment of the draft legislation.

A leaked draft of the climate change bill obtained by The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age revealed the proposed legislation is largely symbolic because it will only enshrine an emissions target and oblige the federal government to make an annual progress report to parliament.

Greens leader Adam Bandt said that “if you’re going to legislate targets then they should be Dutton-proof and protect Australia’s targets against a future climate wrecking-government”.

“Aside from the weak 43 per cent target, we’re concerned it puts a legal ceiling on lifting the target, allows future climate-wrecking governments to announce lower targets, doesn’t seem to require the government to actually do anything to cut pollution and allows more coal and gas projects, which will put even this weak target out of reach,” he said.

“If this or a future government increases targets, as the Greens will push them to do, any targets enshrined in law should automatically lift too, but the draft bill keeps the legislated targets stuck at a low 43 per cent.”

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I agree with Greens leader Adam Bandt. If we are going to have a green leaning government which has promised to “end the climate wars”, a weak bill which stinks of climate hypocrisy is not a good start, especially when the government needs green support to pass the bill.

Obviously any attempt to hit net zero will be a dismal failure, but lets get the Aussie Brandon moment over and done with. This constant low level threat of tighter carbon restrictions, chronically expensive green tainted energy, and rampant climate hypocrisy is likely far more economically damaging than a short, sharp learning experience would be.

via Watts Up With That?

July 14, 2022 at 08:07PM

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