COP26 president Alok Sharma threatens to quit if new PM ditches net zero commitment

The ocean carbon cycle [credit: IAEA]

COP26 is over, in case anyone hasn’t noticed. “Anyone aspiring to lead our country needs to demonstrate that they take this issue incredibly seriously,” Alok Sharma says. The real issue is that Britain’s tiny contribution to the 0.04% portion of the atmosphere that is carbon dioxide amounts to much ado about nothing. The majority of that 0.04% is naturally caused anyway, and most so-called greenhouse gas is water vapour. What is all the fuss supposed to be about?
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Alok Sharma, who led last year’s COP26 climate conference in Glasgow, has threatened to quit if the new prime minister ditches the current commitment to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050, reports Sky News.

The cabinet minister said a failure to follow the policy backed by Boris Johnson would cause “incredible damage” to the UK’s international reputation.

Mr Sharma also accused some of the candidates in the Tory leadership contest of being “lukewarm” on net zero.

“Anyone aspiring to lead our country needs to demonstrate that they take this issue incredibly seriously, that they’re willing to continue to lead and take up the mantle that Boris Johnson started off,” Mr Sharma told The Observer.

“I want to see candidates very proactively set out their support for our net zero agenda for green growth.”

Asked whether he would resign his position in the Cabinet Office, he said: “I don’t rule anything out and I don’t rule anything in.”

Only Kemi Badenoch – one of the five remaining candidates – has said she does not support reaching net zero by 2050, describing it as “unilateral economic disarmament”.

Full report here.

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July 17, 2022 at 08:09AM

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