Monkeypox Hygiene Advice

Monkeypox Hygiene Advice
The usual suspects are stirring the panic pot over Monkeypox, and so far our trusted sources of health guidance, like CDC and FDA and NIH, have been silent.  So in the public interest I put forward a two-step program by which every individual can self-protect against Monkeypox.

  1.  Do not handle monkeys, squirrels or other rodents,
  2.  Do not have sex with anyone who does, or who has open skin sores.

There you go, and no vaccine required.
More from Dr. Malone, who actually is trustworthy:
Don’t be Worried By Monkeypox (Unless it’s Genetically Altered!)

via Science Matters

July 18, 2022 at 11:51AM

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