Green energy shift gives China ‘leverage’ over Britain, Lords warn

By Paul Homewood


Better late than never, I suppose!



Britain risks becoming in thrall to Beijing due to its growing reliance on renewable energy, a new Lords report has warned.

A House of Lords committee warned that Britain is becoming too dependent on China for the supply of rare earth elements used to manufacture wind turbines and components for solar panels.

China’s control over the global industry creates “new risks” as it leaves Britain at the mercy of Beijing for supplies.

The Lords committee warned that Xi Jinping could use rare earth mineral supplies as “leverage” in negotiations over other issues. Jason Bordoff, of the Columbia Climate School, told the committee China’s dominance in the critical minerals market was a "national security concern" and said the Government should work to reduce the nation’s reliance on Chinese exports.


July 21, 2022 at 01:30PM

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