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“We didn’t understand that it’s a fairly low fatality rate and
that it’s a disease mainly in the elderly,
kind of like flu is,
although a bit different than that.”

– Bill Gates

“This vaccine is not like other childhood vaccinations, and cannot be considered in the same light. This vaccine is extremely dangerous and is not ‘safe and effective’, and it is potentially fatal. So, the evidence does not support its use in children, in babies, in pregnant women, and actually, in anybody at this stage because we have seen the data emerging…and the official data does not support the use of these genetic vaccines. And, if I can can just remind you how they work. They do not work the same way as other vaccines. It is a new technology that has not even sufficiently passed animal studies on safety. And yet, we have rolled them out to billions of people around the world. These new vaccines give our body a recipe to make new spike protein, a foreign protein, a viral protein with no off-switch for an indefinite period of time. This vaccine does not stay in the shoulder muscle, it circulates around the body and gives ourselves a recipe to make spike protein that then causes an inflammatory reaction throughout the body for an indefinite period…”

Lots, and lots in Tucker’s monumental monologue, here. 

For those interested in CV19 vaccines, watch from 00:10:00…


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August 3, 2022 at 10:37AM

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