Sadly we cannot afford Net Zero right now – we HAVE to put Britain first – JOHN LONGWORTH

By Paul Homewood

And in a similar vein from another leading Brexiteer:




Like all revolutions Brexit was not completed the moment it took place and no doubt the battle will go on and on. We have seen this before in our long island history and outcomes are never pre-ordained but require effort. The reason for this is of course that many people will oppose what is not in their personal interests, despite the fact it may be in the national interest. The most powerful of these people is the establishment elite. There are also blockers that are accidents of history.

Net Zero, or at least the Government’s response to it, stands in the way of post Brexit growth and prosperity and is the key contributor to the UK cost of living crisis.

The campaign for Net Zero, ostensibly to prevent a climate emergency, has become almost religious in its zeal, with any naysayers treated in the way that someone claiming the earth was round would have been treated in the 16th century.

The commitment to the climate emergency mantra has developed perfidiously over the decades and has a particularly strong hold now on society and political thinking, I suspect for a number of reasons.

Firstly, the idea of environmental responsibility being paramount and immediate has permeated our education system with an entire generation or two being taught at school that climate change is a fact and that we must act immediately to prevent it or we will all die.

Symbolic of this is the voice of youth embodied on earth by Greta Thunberg.

This process began even when I was at school and university, except then it was all about the ozone (what happened to that?), minerals running out by the year 2000, as predicted in ‘Blueprint for Survival’ (which never happened) and of course global warming  – rebranded climate change when warming stopped.

Secondly the idea of climate activism is rather convenient for virtue signalling,  left liberal greens, who have captured the media commentariat, in particular the BBC.

Because, after all, who could argue with the saintly David Attenborough?

The chattering classes can manage lightweight, quasi science at the dinner table, look responsible and do not have to get too involved as would be required if they had to address levelling up, the life chances of white, working class boys, poverty, or other difficult, and frankly unfashionable, social issues.

Thirdly, climate change also gave certain badly advised (albeit well-meaning) Royals -who would otherwise have been slightly redundant – a reason, a purpose.

The power of patronage should not be underestimated, I have seen it personally, even top business people will go to great lengths for garden party invites, DIT sponsored Palace receptions and, of course, gongs.

Whatever the cause of the hold of Net Zero on the psyche of the elites and whether or not climate change is occurring, or indeed driven by humans, it is no reason to cause the British economy to fail or to impoverish our people.

Government, particularly politically appointed officials in departments like BEIS and for that matter No 10, have pushed a ruinous agenda resulting in almost all of the cost of living crisis to date.

Green levies have racked up energy costs. A reliance on unreliable and expensive sources of energy has led to fuel poverty and taxpayers are also subsidising uneconomic energy sources, contributing to Britain’s highest tax regime since the Second World War.

All this in order to go the extra mile to set an example to the world.

Does the world care? It seems not. In any event the U.K. could be 100 percent emission free and barely move the dial on global carbon emissions.

Russia, China, India and others continue to pump out carbon dioxide to make cheap goods. Meanwhile while we have exported well paid manufacturing jobs from the regions making us reliant on autocratic and dangerous regimes. Hypocrisy writ large.

Germany continues to buy Russian gas and to burn the very dirtiest fuel, lignite.

At the same time we have under our feet an abundance of clean British Natural Shale Gas, cheap energy, enough for a hundred years and certainly enough to last until we develop home grown nuclear reactors. We must frack now.

Post Brexit Britain has everything it needs and the self-determination of independence, in order to build a prosperous, growing economy, transition to Net Zero at the least cost and have low cost energy security.

We can deal with the symptoms of climate change as they occur, or not.

But we desperately need the Government to get a grip and be prepared to see off the fanatics.


August 5, 2022 at 03:48PM

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