“Shut Down Animal Farming”–Monbiot

By Paul Homewood


Potty Monbiot is at it again:





Despite his rant about climate change, he lets slip his real objective, which is to return most of the world’s land surface to the wild.

There is no evidence either that his “plant-based diets” will be any less detrimental, in his terms, than animal farming. Arable farming after all also needs lots of land, fertilisers (which will have to be chemical when all those cows are consigned to history), water and energy.

Monbiot is, of course, comfortable well off, with his books and articles for the Guardian. He can afford the potty policies he advocates. The billions around the world who depend on animal farming are not.

It beats me why RTE or anybody else, other than the cranks who read the Guardian, would give him the time of day.



August 5, 2022 at 05:51AM

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