Reuters on Climate Attribution

On the ‘sad’ sea turtles being mostly female because of hot sand because of climate change thing.
That is actually how they have evolved—all three Florida species (green, loggerhead, leatherback—each feeding in a completely different manner, shallow seagrass, bottom shellfish, open water jellyfish respectively). One male can mate with many females, but on average once every three years for the females. Many females laying many eggs (typical clutch size depends on species but is about 40-60 eggs per nest) in our beach sand is a GOOD thing. (My beach is now covered with several marked off turtle nests. The beach is patrolled every morning at dawn during sea turtle breeding season to mark off any new nests. Hatchlings will begin to emerge in a couple of weeks from now after their about two month incubation.) This is because between seabirds, spiny lobsters, crabs, and big hungry fish, FWC estimates only 1 in 1000 Florida hatchlings survives to young adulthood. So Florida hot summers produce mostly female hatchlings, which is how sea turtles evolved and survive.

BTW, same exact thing with alligators in the Everglades (sex depends on average nest temperature, with hotter meaning females, colder males). And we have millions of gators again now after hunting was regulated.

Some of these warmunist alarmists need to study up on the basic biology of the animals they fear are climate endangered. Then stop spouting nonsense.

via Watts Up With That?

August 6, 2022 at 04:49PM

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