Climate Friendly Prisons

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From the Daily Mail

A zero-emissions ‘smart prison’ powered by solar energy that gives prisoners tablets and laptops in their cells is set to open in 2025.

But use of networked devices will be restricted to a prison-wide intranet.

These tablets and laptops in cells are connected to a secure prison intranet, but have no wider internet access.

‘This means that prisoners can access information about the prison they are in,’ a Prisoners’ Education Trust spokesperson told MailOnline. 

‘For instance, they can book an appointment with the prison doctor, or apply to have library books, or see how much credit they have to make a phone call to their family.

‘They can also read information that will help with their resettlement, such as advice on looking for a house or a job.’


‘You can’t allow prisoners to access the internet or go on social media. So providing technology to prisoners is challenging, but it can be done safely and securely if the tech platform is strong and there’s good management.

‘Devices need to be permanently internet-disabled and designed for education and preparing prisoners for work. They also need to be monitored.

‘Our research shows the public are in favour of educating prisoners and want them to find work. In today’s world this will mean using technology.’

It’s a long, detailed article about prison architecture and technology, and energy, and net zero, and heat pumps.

Net zero emissions means any carbon emissions from the UK would be balanced by schemes to offset an equivalent amount of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. 

Its all-electric design, solar panels, heat pumps and more efficient lighting systems will all help reduce energy demand, eliminating the use for gas boilers.

During construction, 40,000 tonnes of carbon will be prevented by using recycled concrete and steel.

Electric vehicle charging points are also expected to be built around the prison car park for staff and visitors.

Gut feeling: extremely costly feeding trough for ideologically motivated consultants. Checks off all the boxes.

Getting all the parts to work together will likely be a story of ongoing cost over runs, delays, and hand-wringing.

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August 21, 2022 at 04:57PM

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