The new killer called “Unknown Causes”

For most things that kill us there is a clock like regularity with deaths in a province as big as Alberta. Year after year dementia kills about 2,000 people, for example. But then there was Covid-19 and a disease called Unknown Causes. Wow.

Alberta Causes of Deaths data*,

Unknown causes of death killed more people in Alberta than anything else did

Despite billions of dollars in spending, somehow modern medicine is seven times less likely to know what someone died of than it was two years ago. Does anything else capture just how far medicine has advanced during the pandemic (all the way back to 1910?).

That’s a pretty significant signal there in 2021. In the world we thought we lived in, governments would have arranged a SWAT team of medico’s to investigate, the opposition would be baying from the side and the media would be all over it. And the rollout of new experimental medical interventions would be halted immediately.

Sometimes things are so crazy-strange that satire makes more sense. Here’s the excellent JP Sears:

““Good Evening. People are dropping like flies from a mysterious killer called ‘unknown case of death.’ So tonight we’re bringing […]

via JoNova

August 22, 2022 at 01:58PM

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