Ampol CEO: EV Prices Need to Halve to Interest Consumers

Essay by Eric Worrall

According to Aussie Ampol Chief Executive Matt Halliday, whose company is investing heavily in a charging network, Electric Vehicles are currently too expensive to replace Fossil Fuel powered vehicles as mass transport.

Ampol boss: EV prices need to halve

Angela Macdonald-Smith Senior resources writer
Updated Aug 22, 2022 – 6.18pm,first published at 8.43am

The price of electric vehicles needs to roughly halve and fall into the $20,000s range before Australians will switch from traditional combustion engine cars, according to Ampol chief executive Matt Halliday.

Government policies on vehicle emissions efficiency will do little to shift the dial on uptake rates, he added.

Speaking after Ampol more than doubled first-half benchmark profit amid soaring profits in refining and spiking pump prices, Mr Halliday said he expected little change in demand for traditional fuels such as petrol and diesel out to 2030, given EVs would not reach price parity with traditional cars until later in the decade.

“Getting access to EVs, and particularly getting access to EVs at lower price points, is going to be a really important part of what that policy initiative will need to achieve, in our view.”

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EVs of course suffer other problems besides cost, especially in a country with vast distances like Australia.

I know someone who drives an EV around town. He loves his EV, because he can mostly keep it topped up from a big solar array he installed on his car port roof just for the EV, or by plugging it into the free shopping mall charger.

But my friend has a spare gasoline vehicle, in case he needs to drive outside of town.

via Watts Up With That?

August 23, 2022 at 12:44AM

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