Energy crisis: UK expands gas emergency exercise ahead of winter

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Ministers ‘insist’ there will be no blackouts, but is anyone comforted by that? They’ve already contracted some extra power from coal that was supposed to be being phased out. Maybe they’re relying on the high price of energy cutting demand.
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A regular emergency planning exercise to help the UK prepare for the possibility of a shortage of gas supplies has been doubled in size, reports BBC News.

Potential scenarios – including rationing electricity – will be wargamed over four days, rather than the usual two, as energy concerns grow.

The government insists there is no risk to UK energy supplies and consumers should not panic.

But industry say ministers need to do more to secure supplies this winter.

The National Grid exercise, which gets under way next month, will involve government agencies, regulators, lobby groups and major energy firms.

Called Exercise Degree, it will simulate scenarios in which a loss of gas supply triggers an emergency situation for the UK’s energy system.

A global squeeze on the supply of gas since late last year has destabilised the global economy, increased living costs, and sent household energy bills skyrocketing.

Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng does not appear to have sought any advice from government officials on the possibility of rationing energy – a BBC Freedom of Information request found he had not done so before the end of June.

Energy experts have expressed surprise, particularly as other countries are working on such plans.

Government sources said this was because the UK had one of the most “reliable and diverse energy systems in the world” thanks to its investment in renewables, nuclear and the North Sea oil and gas industry.

Downing Street has insisted households and businesses will not face blackouts this winter, telling them not to feel they should cut down on energy use.

Full report here.
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BULLYS BEEF (IAN BULLOUGH) — £6 a KWh NOT to use electricity between 5pm and 8pm
‘Well, it looks like the probability of power cuts this winter is even higher than I first imagined…Time to buy some candles, I think.’

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August 23, 2022 at 02:57AM

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