Disappearing glaciers ‘reveal’ 50-year-old plane wreckage in the Swiss Alps – so it became snow-covered after it crashed?

Disappearing glaciers for a century or more – so why wasn’t the crashed plane visible on the surface the whole time? We’re told: ‘The bodies of the three passengers were recovered by authorities at the time, but police say they didn’t have the capabilities to remove the plane from such a remote area.’ A video about the same story says ‘the glaciers have lost half their volume in less than a century’. Did they mean less than half a century? Something seems amiss here.
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In a helicopter high above the Swiss Alps, we see climate change in action, asserts Sky News.

The glacial ice is melting at an unprecedented rate, revealing items frozen long ago.

A scar suddenly appears in the bright white snow. A crumple of silver and red.

“That’s the plane,” says our guide, Dominik Nellen, pointing.

Below us on the Aletsch glacier is the wreck of a Piper Cherokee aircraft lost in 1968.

Hidden for more than half a century, it re-emerged without warning when the ice melted at the start of August.

“At first I thought it was two backpacks,” explains Dominik, as the helicopter lands nearby and we pick our way across the ice to the twisted metal sticking out of the snow.

A mountain guide for more than a decade, he regularly treks this route.

Then one day, he saw the plane rising out of the snow.

“First I saw the wings, I saw the seats over there. I saw an eyeglass case. A Nivea cream and a red hat and damaged objects distributed,” he says.

Full report here.

via Tallbloke’s Talkshop


August 26, 2022 at 01:42PM

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