By Paul Homewood

One of our commenters, Peter S, left this  comment, which I’m throwing open for debate:

I like to understand motivations. I repeat the question, why is Carney, the Davos crowd, the ESG investment movement and BlackRock, the investment asset management company managing US$10 trillion trying to kill off the Oil & Gas industry?
They obviously had some financial benefit for themselves in mind and figured that the climate “crisis” had driven politicians who were willing to spend trillions and populations that were acting like scared sheep. But what was their master plan?
Just like the Greens and politicians, they didn’t understand the technology. The are slowly realising that renewables are not replacing gas, they are making gas indispensable. Worse than that, their own actions have made gas supplies limited with no investment likely.
We need to understand the mindset of the money men. These people are powerful. They appear to have got things terribly wrong but we need to understand what they were trying to achieve, and why.



August 28, 2022 at 03:36AM

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