Automobile “Expert” Warns Skyrocketing Electricity Prices Risk Strangling Shift To E-Mobility

Every day the Green Energy Clown Show seems to come with a new act. 

Bozo The Clown. Source: here. CC BY 2.5

Electricity prices have been skyrocketing in Germany – and even faster than the price of petrol and diesel fuel. That poses a huge risk to Germany’s budding transition to electric mobility, a leading automobile “expert” warns.

“Acute threat”

“The explosion in electricity prices could become an acute threat to the transportation revolution, so we have to be very careful, The ramp-up of electromobility threatens to fail if electric cars become more expensive to run than gasoline or diesel, because then hardly anyone would buy an electric car,” Prof. Stefan Bratzel told to the German online news daily NOZ.

Bratzel is the founder of the Centre of Automotive Management, which is “regularly quoted in the media for its auto-mobility expertise.”

Unfortunately, the solution Bratzel proposes to prevent this threat to electric mobility is exactly what got Germany into its current energy Mess to begin with: years of government energy market meddling.

Bratzel is now calling on the German government to take “swift action to make the costs of electromobility significantly lower than for internal combustion engines”.

“Needed is a price gap to convince drivers to make the switch,” Bratzel added. “Needed is a regulatory framework that keeps electricity prices below gasoline prices, so that in a direct comparison, it’s cheaper to drive 100 kilometers with an electric car than with a gasoline or diesel!”

Bratzel’s solution, unfortunately does not come with a magic wand. Electricity is already in short supply – due to the government ordering the shutdown on nuclear and fossil fuel power plants. Moreover the automobile “expert” seems to ignore all the battery production, operating and end-of-life disposal challenges.

With more solutions like those of Bratzel, Germany would be keeping just one step behind California e-mobility folly of forcing people to switch to electric cars while asking them not to charge them up.

Yes, German energy policy is a circus, too, run by a huge army of hapless bozos.

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September 4, 2022 at 12:41PM

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