Ivermectin reduces deaths by 92% for 10 cents a week

A new study of 8,300 people shows that taking ivermectin regularly before catching Covid halved the odds of catching it, and reduced mortality by a seismic 92%. It reduced hospitalization by 98%, and in a dose dependent manner. If unvaccinated people were threatening our hospital system, it was only ever because they were denied ivermectin, something that appears to have increased their odds of dying by 12.5 fold. And as we all know now, the Emergency Use Authorization for the new, barely tested, radically different vaccines depended on there being no safe cheap alternative, which clearly there was. This study took place from July 2020 — Dec 2020. So here we are two years after it started. So many people died who didn’t need to.

This study follows up on the large trial in Itajai, Brazil to see if regular use of ivermectin would work better than the bizarrely low doses which still cut hospitalization in half, and reduced deaths by 70%. In that study, people were asked to take the 0.2mg/kg/day dose two days in a row but only once every two weeks. Since the half-life of ivermectin in humans is only 12–36 hours, those taking it in the study were effectively left unprotected at least half the time. It still seems strange, but even the regular users in this study were only taking ivermectin for two consecutive days every two weeks.

In the new study 8,300 people took ivermectin regularly, and they were compared to 45,700 people who didn’t and 33,000 irregular users. It’s not a randomized trial, so it’s quite possible that regular users were smarter, more conscientious and took more care to avoid catching Covid. Countering that, it turns out that those at known higher risk were also more motivated to use ivermectin regularly — they were older and more likely to be diabetic (type 2) or suffering from high blood pressure. Thus they should have been more likely to die, but ivermectin saved them.

Even irregular use of ivermectin was still a lot better than none at all, but — and it’s hardly surprising — regular use of ivermectin preemptively was the best.

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UPDATED: The wonder drug that disappeared

If you only email friends one link — make it this story. It’s the biggest medical scandal since 1850— Why is a cheap safe drug being actively surpressed– because it threatens the Emergency Use Authorisations for all experimental vaccines, an industry worth around $100 billion. The Australian TGA admitted it banned the safe drug because people might not get vaxxed. Pfizer and other companies would be crazy, nutso, bonkers, and doing their shareholders a disservice if they did not lobby, cajole, scare, smear and call in all their favours to make sure there would never be a cheap safe alternative.

In desperation, some Americans are going to court to get rulings to order doctors to use Ivermectin on their loved ones. One family hired a helicopter to take their mother away from intensive care in a hospital that refused to give Ivermectin and saved her.

Ivermectin is so safe doctors fed it to primary school children to treat lice in Canberra. It has been used to virtually eliminate Covid in Japan, Uttar Pradesh, and in Indonesia where it cut Covid by 98% at the same time cases in Australia grew 500% with Lock-n-Vax. There are also success stories from Peru, Brazil, and Mexico.

For peer reviewed studies read: The BIG Ivermectin Review: It may prevent 86% of Covid cases. In vitro, Ivermectin reduces viral loads 5000 fold in 48 hours. There are no less than 73 studies involving 56,000 people that show improvements in over 80% when used prophylactically, 67% when used early and even as many as 40% with late-started treatment. There are 20 known mechanisms of action: IVM binds to ACE2, the spike, and TMPSSR2, it is a zinc ionophore, it binds to a protease the virus needs, prevents key viral proteins getting into the cell nucleus which would normally allow the virus to shut down interferon signalling to warn neighboring cells. It’s anti-inflammatory, it blocks the NF-κB pathway, which will reduce Akt/mTOR signalling, which inhibits PAK1 which reduces STAT3 and IL-6. STAT3 induces C-reactive protein (or CRP). It’s impossible for Covid to mutate around all these mechanisms at once. No leaky vaccine should be given without an anti-viral because it risks the mutation of a nastier virus that escapes our immunity. Read the horror of Marek’s disease in chickens. 50 years of leaky vaccines created a disease worse than Ebola.  It’s 100% fatal in ten days for unvaccinated chickens.

The FDA and others will say that Ivermectin was no help in the TOGETHER trial, but that trial was designed to fail. People were given low doses on an empty stomach when it wouldn’t be absorbed. And why are other drugs like Remdesivir approved with only one trial and iffy results? Ivermectin is so safe some 3.7 billion doses have already been used around the world. The inventors won a Nobel Prize for its discovery in 2015. By July 2021 there were already signs Ivermectin could save as many as 50%. Why were large trials not started then? The UK “Principle” trial was also designed to fail from the start — signing up people up to 15 days after they tested positive.

Why are all the vaccine contracts secret? Say hello Serf to your new Head of State, Mr Pfizer?

Kerr L, Baldi F, Lobo R, et al. (August 31, 2022) Regular Use of Ivermectin as Prophylaxis for COVID-19 Led Up to a 92% Reduction in COVID-19 Mortality Rate in a Dose-Response Manner: Results of a Prospective Observational Study of a Strictly Controlled Population of 88,012 Subjects. Cureus 14(8): e28624. doi:10.7759/cureus.28624

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September 5, 2022 at 04:22AM

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