Coal Miners Rescue a Dead EV, Push it to the Mine for a Recharge

Essay by Eric Worrall

h/t Gunga Din; One mine worker presented the EV driver with a “friend of coal” number plate before going home for the day.

West Virginia coal miners help tourists push their dead electric car

The tourist’s electric vehicle broke down a few miles from a vacation destination in West Virginia

By Bradford Betz FOXBusiness

An electric vehicle broke down in West Virginia on Friday, but a group of coal miners were quick to help out.

Photographs shared on Facebook by Tucker County Republican state Sen. Randy Smith shows the car broken down in front of the Mettiki Coal access road on U.S. 48.

“Someone called one of our foreman and told him a car was broke down in the middle of our haul road,” Smith said in his post.

Since the plastic underside of the vehicle prevented it from being towed, the miners decided to push it to the coal mine to charge up.

“So here are 5 coal miners pushing a battery car to the coal mine to charge up,” wrote Smith, noting that you can see the coal stockpile and loadout in the background.

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The miners are spot on with the “Friend of Coal” number plate. As California responds to holiday weekend demand, by urging EV owners not to charge their vehicles, it is becoming increasingly obvious that coal and gas are the only short to medium term options available to service the needs of the USA’s growing EV fleet – and coal is currently cheaper than gas.

Perhaps we should all thank EV drivers for helping to facilitate the US coal industry’s return to prosperity, through their choice of motor vehicle. When you think about it, the premium EV owners pay of their own free will when they purchase their vehicles is like a personal donation to US coal workers.

via Watts Up With That?

September 6, 2022 at 12:47AM

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