Green Tories fear Truss won’t live up to Boris’ net zero plans

By Paul Homewood


If the Green Tories are right, then Liz Truss is certainly moving in the right direction!




Liz Truss is not “known for [her] passion for nature” or an “environmental leader.”

That’s the view of Ben Goldsmith, Chair of the Conservative Environment Network, who is fearful that the newly announced Prime Minister won’t follow the precedent set by Boris Johnson to tackle climate change and propel the UK to net zero.

Green Tories are worried that thus far, Truss has not devised a plan to insulate homes – which is considered imperative in fighting skyrocketing energy bills and blackouts this winter.

On leaving his position, Johnson implored his successor to invest in renewables to fight the energy crisis – however, Truss’ stance against new solar and wind farms in favour of fossil fuel expansion in the North Sea has worried many green backbenchers. 


Their demand for a plan to insulate houses is absurd. It will do nothing whatsoever to address the short term problem, would take years to implement, will cost hundreds of billions and not help homeowners who have already paid out for their own insulation.

There is no evidence that insulation is cost effective at historic energy price levels; is their policy to keep energy prices at their currently crippling level forever?


September 6, 2022 at 10:34AM

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