Climate change tsar is hauled over the coals after warning Liz Truss against lifting fracking ban amid energy crisis

By Paul Homewood

It is about time the CCC was reminded that they do not run the country:




The Government’s climate change tsar was told he needs to ‘live in the real world’ after he warned Liz Truss against lifting the fracking moratorium despite the energy crisis.

Lord Deben said approving fracking would have no impact on energy prices – and urged her to focus on renewables instead.

The Prime Minister is set to end the ban on the gas extraction method today, after pledging to take action during the leadership campaign.

But Lord Deben, who is chairman of the Committee on Climate Change, warned the PM yesterday the best way to solve the energy crisis was to double down on renewable sources rather than expanding domestic production.

He told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: ‘There is no sliver of a cigarette paper between the fact that if you want to deal with climate change and you want to deal with the cost of living crisis and oil and gas prices you have to do the same things – renewable energy and energy efficiency –they are the answers.

‘If you want energy bills down, you produce your energy in the cheapest possible way. That happens to be by renewables.’

But last night Craig Mackinlay, part of the Net Zero Scrutiny Group of Tory MPs, who question the cost of meeting the Government’s climate targets, said: ‘Lord Deben and his Climate Change Committee need to come out of their ivory towers and live in the real world. We are facing an energy cost and supply emergency. It is time we unleashed the full potential of all sources of domestically derived power. Fracking could play a huge role in this. The best time for a UK energy policy would have been ten years ago. The second best time is now.’


Maybe Gummer has forgotten that his own CCC stated just a year ago that we would still be consuming a lot of natural gas for many years to come:

Committee on Climate Change – Sixth Carbon Budget

Where does he suggest we get it from?


September 8, 2022 at 05:08AM

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