J6 Drafts

On January 6, inside the Capitol: “Again, any of the violent actors, and most certainly the dumbstruck tourists, could have been stopped in their tracks had officers produced their weapons. As it happened, before my own eyes, police did not draw their weapons until reports of “shots fired” were received over their radios. (In actuality, the ONE shot fired at Ashli Babbitt.)” – TPC-2 (The Practical Constitutionalist)

“we have also seen videos of police officers opening doors from the inside as dozens of armed officers stood aside and watched the crowd enter. “ – TPC-2

“at 2:15 p.m., the heavily-armed police line suddenly and inexplicably stood aside, moved back, and allowed the mob to approach the now opened, (from the inside), west doors of the Capitol Building. These officers did not act, synchronously, of their own accord. They take commands…” – TPC-2

“Someone gave the order for them to stand down. They were not “overwhelmed” by “thousands of insurrectionists.” That is the biggest lie of the ongoing narrative. With video evidence I can show no more than 200 people, and probably as few as 100 actively engaging in actual violence and pressing against the police barricades.” – TPC-2


[emphasis is added)

via Science Defies Politics


September 14, 2022 at 05:52PM

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