Power Grid Expert: “99.9% Chance” Germany Will See Blackout… “Civil War” Unless People Prepare

A German electrical engineer, power grid expert, warns of 99.9% chance of power blackout…”civil war” if people don’t prepare…describes horror scene. 

Plundering, unhindered crime, mayhem…raw survival 

Online Bild TV interviewed Robert Jungnischke, an “expert on blackouts” to discuss the probability of a major blackout hitting Germany over the coming fall and winter months. The talk round was titled: “Our grid is collapsing!”

As Germany’s energy crisis escalates due to the abysmally failed energy policies enacted over the past 25 years, the power grid has become increasingly unstable. Electricity prices have skyrocketed. Now Germans are becoming increasingly worried of wintertime blackouts and the possible chaos that could ensue. How realistic is the scenario?

Blackouts are not the same as power outages, which are localized, says Jungnischke. Blackouts hit an entire region or country, and lead to the shutdown of critical infrastructure like communication, refrigeration, heating, Internet, emergency services and transport.

In the talk round with Bild, when asked, “How probable is it that it will come to a Blackout? Jungnischke answers: “99.9%”!

“Everyone is expecting it,” Jungnischke adds.

Jungnischke strongly advises citizens to start preparing themselves now. “What happens here in a city like Berlin when people don’t prepare? After 2 days, we get a civil war.”

5 days to free (dead) people from elevators

Germany’s power situation is so precarious that Junghischke even advises people to no longer use elevators in buildings, and to take the stairs instead because the risk of the power going out and getting trapped is too high. In a blackout: “When we calculate for Berlin, it’s been checked. You need five days to free people from the elevators. As I said, all the emergency services are hit, there’s no communication! That means that by the time you free the people, most of them are dead!”

Currently Berlin’s police department is in fact already drilling and preparing for a blackout. Other municipalities are urgently telling citizens to stock up on provisions. This means the probability is not low, even if you don’t believe the Junghischke’s 99.9% figure like the CDU politician in the talk round does.

Jungnischke says that in the event of a blackout, it’ll take weeks and months to get things back to normal, so he advises stocking up on food, water, cash and medicine. ATMs will be out of order.


Author’s message: I’ll be taking the stairs from now on, but in case you continue to take elevators, maybe this video can give you some survival tips (sorry it’s not in English):

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September 17, 2022 at 11:43AM

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