Vaccine injury groups reduced to talking in “carrots”. BBC dobs them in for WrongSpeak, so Facebook can shut them down

Will Jones at the Daily Sceptic noticed that the BBC was very pleased with itself for dobbing in the vaccine victims who were using carrot emojis as a code for “vaccine” on Facebook. Feel the power! Some 250,000 people had come together to discuss their injuries or the deaths of loved ones on Facebook, but after the BBC reported them, Facebook shut them down. Bravo BBC.  We wouldn’t want the riff raff to have an unpermitted conversation.

If ever there was a prime example of how publicly funded media would inevitably grow to be a communist pox on the nation, this would be it. A quarter of a million people were finding some comfort in discussing their suffering and losses on Facebook. The BBC of course, should be giving them a voice — telling their stories — and letting the world know these victims are so oppressed they have to use cartoon codes instead of words like “vaccine” to even have a conversation.

If the victims are British, they are probably paying the BBC licensing fee and not only are they getting nothing for their money, they’re paying the salary of BBC smug no-nothings to silence them.  Does Zoe Kleinman, BBC erstwhile “commissar of permitted language” realize she has just created at least 250,000 more protesters to end the license fee”?

By Zoe Kleinman, BBC

The BBC has seen several groups, one with hundreds of thousands of members, in which the emoji appears in place of the word “vaccine”.

Facebook’s algorithms tend to focus on words rather than images.

The groups are being used to share unverified claims of people being either injured or killed by vaccines.
Once the BBC alerted Facebook’s parent company, Meta, the groups were removed.

“We have removed this group for violating our harmful misinformation policies and will review any other similar content in line with this policy. We continue to work closely with public health experts and the UK government to further tackle Covid vaccine misinformation,” the firm said in a statement.

However, the groups have since re-appeared in our searches.

The rules of the very large group state: “Use code words for everything”. It adds: “Do not use the c word, v word or b word ever” (covid, vaccine, booster). It was created more than a year ago and has more than 250,000 members.

Obviously with Facebook censoring vaccine critics, people have had to find a way to communicate in code.

Will Jones points out how weak the excuses are:

The BBC helpfully explains that the ONS stated the risk of fatal vaccine injury last year [as one in five million] – thus implying these people must all be wrong, or at least ought not to be allowed to talk to one another.

But of course, newer data shows excess deaths are now accruing not just in the UK, but in the USA and Germany too. Even New Scientist admits there are thousands more deaths than usual, though it has no idea why. Not all the people speaking in carrots on Facebook will be relatives of a vaccine related death, some may be mistaken, but thousands of people are out there who are suffering and thousands more are not-dead but they have nerve disorders, rashes, pain and where are they allowed to talk?

If the BBC had sought out and reported their stories from the beginning, it could have saved lives instead of using state power to silence them.

On Twitter it took about 5 seconds searching for vaccinesideeffects to find this tweet.

The BBC cancels people in so many ways. Time to cancel the BBC.  There is no saving those public broadcasters.

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via JoNova

September 20, 2022 at 03:20PM

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