Latest Looney Misandrist Idea From PETA: No Sex For Meat-Eating Men

Animal rights activist group PETA is now calling on women to strike on sex with meat-eating men.

PETA’s Elena Waldman really can’t stand men having a good time at the weekend barbecue. She writes: “We all know them, the suburban men with beer bottles in hand, brandishing tongs while cooking sausages on their expensive gas grills.”


PETA women declare, “Either it goes, or I go!” Photo credit: AlphaCreative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.

In Waldman’s view, eating barbecued meat is how men “prove their masculinity to themselves,” hurt animals and harm the climate.

She backs her claims with a serving of activist junk science, published in the journal PLOS ONE. According to the study, meat-eating mencontribute significantly more to the climate catastrophe than women.”

Something has got to be done about it!, the PETA nag says. So no sex tonight.

“That’s why PETA’s proposing a strike on sex with meat-eating men to persuade them to go vegan,” Waldman announced.

“Men need to take accountability for their actions,” she says. “And the easiest, healthiest, simplest way to do this is by going vegan.”

It’s baffling enough that men would partner up with such women to begin with. Just how many men are going to convert to veganism just to keep their chances open to have sex with undernourished, rickety vegan women (who often suffer from poor health) is unclear. But most among us will agree most carnivorous men won’t have to be too concerned about the latest misandrist threat, as there are loads of women out there who appreciate healthy, pect-flexing, meat-eating guys who chop wood shirtless and can lift heavy things.

Ironically, going vegan – an extremely dubious diet that has been tried and quit by many – is likely going to lead to an unintended natural selection for those who refuse to give it up.

Let them nag, complain and gripe all they want. This problem will be resolved on its own by nature. Read more here, here and here.

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October 4, 2022 at 11:55AM

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