“Farming Needs to Stop, That’s the Single Biggest Driver of Climate Change”

Essay by Eric Worrall

I just don’t know what to say to this one…

Thanks to Advance Australia for sharing this gem.

I don’t know when this video was filmed. I’d love to see a longer version of the video, I suspect a few key words might have been clipped. I think the climate protestor might have been talking about animal farming, there seems to be a real push to outlaw animal farming.

George Monbiot speaking in July this year

Mandatory veganism could be a death sentence for a lot of people.

I know someone who almost lost the ability to have children because she was a vegetarian. According to her gynaecologist at least, about one in five people can’t tolerate a vegetarian or vegan diet. Excess carbohydrates apparently does catastrophic damage to susceptible people’s bodies, including their ability to have children.

Thankfully in my friend’s case, she was able to reverse enough of the damage to have a healthy baby, within a few years of resuming a meat rich diet.

via Watts Up With That?


October 22, 2022 at 01:00PM

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