Radical Activists Glue Themselves To Porsche Pavilion, Demand Decarbonization Of Transport

Enviro-loonies glue themselves to a Porsche pavilion, go on climate hunger strike

People gluing themselves to surfaces in order to obstruct our daily lives: This sort of thing is happening everywhere in Germany. This phenomenon is no better illustrated than by the following Twitter thread:

According to Mr. Grimalda’s Twitter profile, he’s a sociologist, one who probably has rarely set foot outside his publicly funded academic bubble echo-chamber.

Grimalda and his followers, I suppose, must be searching for some sort of meaning in life, and so they fancy themselves as planet-saving heroes, guided by some higher wisdom the rest of us are just unable to comprehend. And by acting the way they do, they have assigned themselves positions of higher moral and intellectual authority over us. The rest of us, in their frightened eyes, know not what we are doing, and so we need to be led to safety by their great wisdom.

Of course the reality is very different. These people are not intellectual at all. In fact, their intellect is so lacking that they’ve allowed themselves to become completely brainwashed and radicalized. They’re acting like fools when you get right down to it. Good luck trying to reason with them.

Reality doesn’t mean a thing to them because they don’t live in it. A fantasy is their reality. Admittedly, it’s great entertainment – if you’re into clown shows. But sadly, these are the people who are teaching our young ones at our institutions of higher education.

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October 22, 2022 at 11:02AM

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