Vaccination Games: How to create the medical stats you need to get rich quick

Vaccination Games: How to create the medical stats you need to get rich quick

Give this man a medal. Prof Norman Fenton is my favourite commentator on vaccination statistics. He explains this so well. This technique is so simple, and what they are doing is so utterly dishonest, so obviously wrong, ask yourself, where were all the Professors and medical agencies we pay to protect us? All those billions we spend on our universities, and 99.99% of them were defacto part of this deceit. They said nothing.

Where was the FDA, the CDC, the TGA, the Chief Medical Officers?

As a piece of science communication this short video is exemplary. This is the perfect example of a medico-study designed to “make money”.

In the first two weeks after vaccination we call people “unvaccinated” which leaves room for all kinds of naughty statistical games. By switching infected people from the vaccinated group to the unvaccinated group, we introduce a selective bias which will “show” that the vaccinated are less likely to catch Covid, even if they are exactly as likely to catch it.

Prof Norman Fenton wrote the paper which is still the most scientifically robust example of excess deaths rising in the weeks after vaccination programs were carried out in each age group in the UK.

I’ll just keep repeating this graph from December last year — the one with the spooky quantum entanglement effect where more unvaccinated people die in the weeks after other people their age get vaccinated. Ponder how many people we have vaccinated since this damning study was published?

Fenton et al, Vaccine, unvaccinated, graph, mortality, first and second dose.

Strangely, the unvaccinated are more likely to die in the week after the first dose peaks in their age group.


Neil, and Fenton et al (2021) Latest statistics on England mortality data suggest systematic mis-categorisation of vaccine status and uncertain effectiveness of Covid-19 vaccination

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October 24, 2022 at 03:01AM

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