Scrap The Smart Meter Rollout Now

By Paul Homewood

h/t Dave Ward




Energy companies are set to miss their targets for installing smart meters this year amid reports of supply chain and staffing issues.

Ofgem, the industry regulator, set domestic firms a target of installing nearly three million smart meters.

However, only 1.7 million were installed in the first nine months, according to new data from industry analysts ElectraLink. Reaching the target by the end of 2022 would require companies to nearly double their current installation rates.

Smart meters are key to plans to reduce demand for electricity and avoid blackouts this winter after the National Grid said that it would pay households to reduce their use during peak times.

However, customers have complained of long waits and faulty technology, even after asking suppliers to install the devices.

Installation rates have still not bounced back to their levels before the pandemic, when social distancing and lockdowns made home installations difficult.


If the government is serious about cutting energy bills, the first thing it should do is cancel the smart meter rollout, which will cost billions more to fulfil, all of which will end up on energy users’ bills.

Approximately about half of UK households have smart meters, meaning that it will cost about £20 billion to complete the rollout. This saving should be used to reduce the energy price cap immediately.

But at least we are starting to get the truth:

Smart meters are key to plans to reduce demand for electricity and avoid blackouts this winter “

This is the first time I have seen it admitted that we need them to avoid blackouts. Previously we have seen all sorts of absurd and easily disprovable claims that smart meters will be of huge benefit to customers, enabling them to check their usage, benefit from cheap off peak rates and avoid estimated readings (frankly the most ludicrous claim of the lot, given we all have the internet now!).

Given that smart meters cost around £800 per household, I would struggle to find anybody who would actually fork out this out for something that appears to not even work a lot of the time. That is why successive governments back to Blair’s time have decided to mandate the energy companies to bear the cost, which is then of course passed onto everybody’s bills whether they have one or not.

If consumers really can save money with a smart meter, let them buy their own.


October 25, 2022 at 04:10PM

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