COMING SOON: Commenting here will require registration

First, don’t panic – we are going to make this easy. Starting About November 7th/8th, commenting on WUWT will require you to be a registered user. Read on for the hows and whys.

For over 15 years, WUWT has been open to commenting by anyone. That had both good and bad aspects to it.

The good was obvious – anyone could immediately comment by simply placing their email address and name/handle into the comment box. The first comment required approval, after that comments went unfettered provided the commenter didn’t use any of the prohibited words or phrases that most platforms already flag as inappropriate.

The bad was not so obvious – and appeared mostly behind the scenes at the moderation level. Through the years we have fought with some nefarious people hell-bent on disrupting this forum doing things like using fake email addresses, spoofing other identities to get past moderation, (in particular, one well-known climate troll from Oregon has been caught and warned dozens of times, and is banned), and then we have the “bots” – which are getting worse daily.

A recent WUWT article noted this:

We are being spammed by an extremely clever and aggressive spambot.

The bot uses several techniques to spoof users but is trying a new one today.

Then there’s Twitter, which has millions of “bots” estimated to be somewhere between 5% (according to Pre-Elon Twitter) and as much as 20% by other estimates.

How many bots do we have on WUWT? Well, there could be dozens to hundreds. Some people, like “griff” act like bots, where they throw up some cryptic or inane comment, and then never respond to replies to it. But, we don’t really know a total bot count.

What we do know, is that it is getting worse, and as the climate alarmist establishment gets even more zealous, trying to make people believe there is a “climate crisis”, our workload to weed out false commentary from bots and other fakes has increased significantly.

When I started WUWT in 2006 the Internet was a different entity. Now, it’s a climate war zone, and we have to harden the fort against daily attacks. I’ll point out that almost any other website today that has user interaction requires registration – we are just late to the party.

As I first said, “we are going to make this easy.” Here’s how.

We have a process by which we are going to use some automation assistance to help our valid pre-existing users get registered. I don’t want to give the details, because that will tip our hand to the bots and the bullies. Let’s just say, you’ll be hearing more soon.

For reference, here are some WUWT statistics as of this writing:

  • 28,652 Posts

Thanks to all of you for making WUWT the most-viewed (and likely most-commented) climate related website in the world.


via Watts Up With That?

October 29, 2022 at 10:33AM

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