WSJ Editorial Board Mocks the COP27 Global Warming Flagellants

Essay by Eric Worrall

“… Human beings, the wretches, continue to disappoint the savants at the United Nations …”

Climate Doomsday Is Nigh—Again

And the U.N. says it’s your fault for eating meat, among other sins.

By The Editorial Board
Oct. 31, 2022 6:39 pm ET

Human beings, the wretches, continue to disappoint the savants at the United Nations, and never more than on climate change. The global body announced last week that despite all of the world’s climate sacrifices and trillions of dollars in renewable spending, we’re all still doomed unless mankind makes radical changes in lifestyles and standards of living.

According to the U.N. report, all climate policies currently in place will result in warming of 2.8 degrees. … And if Western countries meet their “net-zero” goals? The world would warm 1.8 degrees.

The U.N. report suggests taxing foods based on their carbon emissions so that meat becomes so expensive people have no choice but to go vegan. Don’t discount the possibility that the U.S. and European climate left will eventually embrace this idea. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern recently announced that New Zealand farmers will soon pay a tax on their methane-emitting sheep and cow burps.

Our sincere advice would to be drop the doomsday act, which people don’t believe, and focus instead on policies to adapt to a warmer planet and mitigate any damage if the worst happens. …

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The modern flagellants are worse than the medieval flagellants ever were. I don’t know of any medieval flagellant community which tried to make self flagellation mandatory for ordinary people, while giving the leaders of the community a free pass.

But this is effectively what the UN and green leaning national politicians want us to accept. They want ordinary people to accept all the lifestyle sacrifices, while the elite continue eating all the beef they want, and rack up endless air miles, with multiple annual flights to exotic holiday destinations for their “climate conferences”.

via Watts Up With That?

November 3, 2022 at 12:14AM

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