Alok Sharma Still In La La Land

By Paul Homewood

I see the wretched Alok Sharma is still as deluded as ever:



The window to limit global warming to 1.5C is “closing fast”, Alok Sharma, the Cop26 president, has warned as he called on Rishi Sunak to step up plans to reduce domestic emissions.

Speaking before the international climate negotiations begin in Egypt on Sunday, Sharma told The Times that the prime minister had to stick by his election pledge to insulate millions more homes despite the squeeze on government finances.

He also cast doubt on proposals to extract more oil and gas from the North Sea, warning that there was no evidence to suggest that this was compatible with the government’s net zero commitment.

Sharma, dismissed from cabinet last week by Sunak, will on Sunday hand over the presidency of the international climate negotiations to Egypt.


There never was a chance of reducing emissions in line with the 1.5C target, as that would have meant China, India and the rest of the developing world cutting emissions in half by 2030. Paris knocked that possibility on the head.

So either Sharma is lying, or he is utterly incompetent.

As for his demand that the UK government spends tens of billions insulating homes when it is already broke, as well as not exploiting oil and gas reserves, it is a good job he is no longer in charge at BEIS.

Unfortunately this sort of foolish grandstanding comes about when you give a politician too much power.


November 4, 2022 at 12:31PM

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